Meet Dr. Mulvihill

Dr. Shane P. Mulvihill

General Optometrist, Pediatric Optometry, & Vision Therapy


The first thing patients often notice about Dr. Shane P. Mulvihill is that he prefers to go by his first name instead of his last name, which is a good thing considering his last name is not very common. He was born and raised in Ohio, but after optometry school and his residency, he made his way to Tennessee and found a home with EyeXcel. He has a love for all things vision therapy, pediatric vision, binocular vision, sports vision, and school performance, making the specialties performed at EyeXcel a perfect fit.

Dr. Shane completed his undergraduate degree at Xavier University. He studied optometry at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, where he was enrolled in a dual-degree program, obtaining his O.D. and his M.S. together. Following graduation, he completed a residency program at Ohio State in pediatrics, binocular vision, and vision therapy. He then furthered his knowledge by accepting a position at Emory University in the department of pediatric ophthalmology, which he considers his second residency. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and likes to participate in national research meetings with colleagues across the country. He is now excited to bring all his knowledge and experience to private practice at EyeXcel.

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Shane grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and a part of him never left. He still calls Cleveland “the best city in the world” despite constant intervention and rebukes from all the Tennesseans around him. He may love optometry, but his pride and joy is his family. His favorite time spent is with Kara, his lovely wife of 7 years, and their 2 children, Lucas and Madeleine. He and Kara are self-proclaimed Disney “superfans” and their all-time favorite vacation is to Disney World. Some of Dr. Shane’s favorite things are Star Wars movies, getting outside for a nice hike, and exploring local hot spots, especially those for the entire family like the zoo or aquarium.

Dr. Shane is a huge sports fan as well. He loves to play soccer, basketball, and golf, though he admits his golf game needs a TON of work! He will happily cheer on all of his Cleveland and Ohio sports teams, including the Browns. Some of his favorite memories are sharing his love of sports with his kids, who will already respond with a resounding “Go Browns!” when they score.

​​​​​​​Dr. Shane loves his family, his hobbies and interests, and his patients. EyeXcel is excited he joined the team!