Specialty Contact Lenses

Specialty Contact Lenses

Most contact lenses come as “one size fits all,” meaning that only one or two lens shapes are used. These shapes are meant to fit most eyes. Specialty contact lenses are tailored to fit the patient’s exact eye shape and prescription. Specialty contact lenses are a great option for:

  • Patients were previously told they could not wear contacts

  • Patients experiencing dry eyes with current contact lenses

  • Patients experiencing discomfort or unstable vision with current contacts

  • Patients with high astigmatism

  • Diseased eyes, such as keratoconus, post-transplants, and pellucid marginal degeneration

  • Patients requiring an extremely sharp vision for sports

  • Patients interested in the latest multi-focal technology

  • Patients who don’t want to wear contacts and are not candidates for LASIK

  • Candidates for orthokeratology or corneal refractive therapy


What is Keratoconus?
A corneal disorder where the central cornea undergoes progressive thinning and steepening causing irregular astigmatism.

Risk Factors

  • Eye rubbing

  • Sleep apnea

  • Floppy Lid Syndrome

  • Family History


  • Specialty contact lenses provide better visual acuity and reduce changes in the cornea

  • Eyeglasses or soft contacts can be worn in mild cases

  • Moderate to severe cases may require rigid gas permeable contact lenses

  • Surgery may be required for patients that become contact lens intolerant or have unacceptable vision due to scarring


  • Minimally invasive treatment that involves removal of the top layer of the cornea followed by soaking the cornea in riboflavin drops and a slow exposure to UV light

  • Best used on patients 30 years or younger

If you or someone you know has keratoconus, please schedule a consultation with our doctors to determine the appropriate treatment plan for your eyes.

Scleral Contact Lenses

What are Scleral Contact Lenses?
Custom contact lenses made from gas-permeable lens material. These lenses give doctors the opportunity to fit even the most complex and difficult cases. If you have failed in other types of contact lenses, scleral could be an option for you!

Scleral Lenses are used to treat:

If you or a loved one suffers from any of these conditions, scleral lenses may be the answer!


Scleral Lens Step-by-Step Instructions (.pdf)
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