Binocular Vision

Binocular Vision refers to using both of your eyes to perceive an object as a single image, therefore people lacking this can experience issues with depth perception and visual measurement of distance.

Double Vision

Double Vision, also called diplopia, can be the result of many things: from getting hit in the head with a baseball over the weekend to having a stroke.

Prism Lenses
Prism lenses can help in multiple ways. It can be a part of the lens when the lens is made, or can be added to any regular glasses lens to perform a specific function. It can often help fuse the images from both eyes together to eliminate double vision. It can be used to help correct a head tilt or posture issue. It can also help the brain process what the eyes see which can help when reading or learning issues are present. Very strong training lenses are used in our Vision Therapy program.

In today’s world, many people, especially children, are diagnosed with dyslexia. It is a real problem and very unfortunate for people to have to struggle with. Many times however, dyslexia can be a misdiagnosis of a visual problem. If there is a struggle to read or study, it could possibly be that your eyes are not working together or are jumping around and skipping letters or words. This is not the learning disorder of dyslexia, but an eye function issue that we can help correct.