Pediatric Eyecare

Children’s Eye Exams and Kids Frames for Glasses

Professional pediatric eyecare and glasses for children are very important. Struggling to see can affect a child’s reading rate, academic success, and sports performance.

You know that and so do we. That is why we give the same, high-quality, pediatric eyecare to every child. Because kids deserve to see life clearly.

InfantSEE Program

We are proud to be part of the InfantSEE program. Through the InfantSEE program, any child between the age of 6 months to 1 year receives a free eye assessment. We check for excessive or unequal amounts of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and more. We will also make sure there are no eye health problems beginning to develop.

Current national statistics state that 1 in 4 kids are born with or develop an eye condition within the first few years of life. If you have a child between 6 months and 1 year old, schedule your appointment for them and for you. This program helps kids see a brighter future!

InfantSEE Program
Kids Glasses
Getting glasses can be stressful on kids and parents. Kids are worried about what kids at school will say. Parents are worried about how many times the glasses will get broken.

EyeXcel can put all those fears to rest. For kids, we have a wide selection of frames from amazing brands like Nike, Sketchers, and Vera Bradley to make them the envy of the playground. For parents, we have soft and flexible “kid proof” glasses designed just for small children. Even kids who break everything they touch.

Kids Glasses Knoxville
Pediatric Eye Doctors
Before we prescribe a child glasses, we give them a thorough eye exam. Our goal is not just to find out the glasses they need now, but to start planning for their future. We want to make sure there are no other eye health concerns, and if there are, start taking steps to counter it. Our professional optometrists have over 40 years of proven experience to take the best care of your kids.

Our doctors have also been known to dress up on occasion while they help your little superhero see while they fight evil.

Pediatric Eye Doctors