Sports Vision

Unleash Your Visual Potential

With EyeXcel’s Premier Comprehensive Sports Vision Program

Have you ever been told by a coach or trainer to “keep your eyes on the ball”? Do you frequently feel that you’re “half a step too late”? There’s a reason that coaches beginning at the little league level harp on using your vision to improve your athletic performance. Over 90% of sensory information an athlete uses is from their EYES! The problem is that only 5% of that is Visual Acuity (20/20). Most coaches and trainers are ignoring 85% of vision!

At EyeXcel Performance Vision Center, we focus on ALL 20 of the visual skills necessary for sports! After an evaluation using state-of-the-art technology, a report is generated that shows an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. We use this information to develop a training program aimed at improving all skills. This results in faster processing speed, accurate decision-making, and increased awareness. Vision is WAY MORE THAN 20/20!

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
– Wayne Gretzky
  • Comprehensive Sports Vision Assessment of sport-specific skills

  • Strengths and Weaknesses identified with an individualized Performance Vision Score

  • One-on-One or Team-Based Vision Drills in a 1600 sq ft indoor training facility

  • Ability to customize training to each athlete’s needs, including integrating drills into their current training regimen

Benefits of Sports Vision Training

React Faster

In competition, there is little to no time for decision-making. Athletes must rely on cues in their environment and anticipation in order to compete. Performance Vision Training can teach you to bypass “decision making” and perform on “auto-pilot”.

Gain Competitive Edge

Life in sports happens at the rate of milliseconds. The difference between an average player and an elite athlete is the ability to move and react at incredible speeds. Neuro-cognitive training allows an athlete to tap into the brain’s hidden potential and give them a mental advantage.

Exercise Your Brain

Almost every athlete knows to train their body to be stronger and faster. What elite-level athletes do is train their brains to work faster and smarter! The EYES tell the BRAIN to tell the BODY what to do.

Slow the Game Down

Train your eyes to see the game happening in slow-motion, visualizing your next move!

Process Info Quicker

Use your eyes and brain to make winning decisions!

Improve Decision Making

Make the right pass or shot without “thinking”!

Unleash Your Potential

Get rid of what’s been holding you back from competing!