Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Evaluations

Finding the perfect contact lenses for your eyes can be tricky, as moisture is variable and lens options vary. Comfort is of the utmost priority. The contact lens evaluation accounts for your eye health, prescription, lifestyle, and comfort levels. Eyes are evaluated for allergies and other causes of dry eyes while our corneal topographer maps your cornea for the best contact lens fit. Trial lenses are evaluated to assess visual performance and comfort of the lenses. Follow-up evaluations are provided to reassess your performance and satisfaction.

Our Contact Lens Services:


Orthokeratology is the process of reshaping the cornea with specially-designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses with the intention of flattening the front surface of the eye to correct mild to moderate nearsightedness and astigmatism

Soft Disposable Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are extremely popular and are more easily fitted than specialty contact lenses. The manufacturers produce soft contact lenses in multiple varieties like toric, bifocal, and multifocal and types like daily, two-week replacement, and monthly replacement. In Tennessee, a contact lens prescription is valid for two years. A finalized prescription is provided at your final contact lens appointment. 

Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocals are lenses that allow you to see near, far, and in between. Over 40? When you don’t want to wear glasses or reading glasses, read on for the incredible solution. Specially designed to incorporate multiple prescriptions, multifocal contact lenses are particularly popular for people with presbyopia who lead an active lifestyle.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral contact lenses are rigid gas permeable lenses with an extra-wide diameter. As opposed to traditional contacts, scleral lenses vault over the entire cornea, leaving a gap between the lens and the corneal surface before coming to rest on the white part of your eye (your sclera).
Their unique design has taken scleral lenses to the top of the charts for ultimate wearing comfort, healthy eyes, and excellent vision for people of all ages. They are custom-fit to your eye and are perfect for those with hard-to-fit eyes, astigmatism, keratoconus, severe dry eye, or for those simply seeking more comfort when wearing contact lenses.