Dr. Patton



David A. Patton, O.D. as a young boy may have told his teachers and parents he wanted to be an astronaut, fireman, or professional baseball player, but that soon changed. In the 9th grade, he started telling everyone that he wanted to be an eye doctor. While his childhood dream might have been a little strange, it has definitely worked out for him. Now, after 43 years, he has finished his career and is now enjoying the next chapter in his life.

Dr. Patton has helped countless people in the greater Knoxville area experience their best vision but has now transitioned the practice to his partners, Dr. Gilliland and Dr. Carusone, along with other associate doctors. The practice now has an updated name, EyeXcel, and is still growing. Dr. Patton is proud that his legacy will now live on through the practice he started so many years ago.

Outside of the Practice

Dr. Patton is married to his bride of over 35 years, Kathy. The two of them have 2 children, Becca and Ben, who have now been overshadowed by the 7 grandchildren… and growing. His daughter, Becca, is happily married and lives in Kansas City with her family. Dr. Patton is proud of Becca’s kids, Grayson, Neylan, Brynlee and Meryn. Dr. Patton’s son is still in Knoxville and is also happily married with 3 kids so far, Dekker, Alric, and Koda. Dr. Patton still loves to be called Dad, but together with his wife Kathy is now mostly known as Nana and Granddad.

Dr. Patton and Kathy were married at Powell First Baptist Church and are still active members there. Over the years Dr. Patton has taught many Sunday school classes, from 1st-grade boys to high schoolers to adult classes. He has been involved in other ministries in the church and continues to serve where the Lord opens the door and where he is needed. His favorite ministry these days is helping with Camp Ba-Yo-Ca. This is a Christian camp and retreat for children, teenagers, pastors, etc. The camp is a ministry for many churches and relies on volunteers to help keep the camp in good working order. He enjoys the projects and enjoys volunteering to benefit others.

Now that he is retired, Dr. Patton along with his wife, Kathy, love to go to Kansas City to visit his daughter’s family and spend time with the grandkids. When here at home, he loves doing small projects or woodworking in his garage/workshop he affectionately calls “paradise” because he enjoys it so much. He also loves to go fishing.