The last few years have been difficult for all of us personally, but also for us as a group at EyeXcel.  We have weathered the storm of a global pandemic and as a result, adapted how we care for YOU as our patient.  But through it all, our team always comes back to the common goal: making EyeXcel a better place to visit for our patients and their families.

My wife Mallory and I have also taken time to reflect on our shared goals.  One of which is to make every decision with our values in mind.  As we reflect on our FAMILY life, we have seen our perspective shift dramatically with the birth of our first little one, Nova.

By keeping family as a priority, Mallory and I have made the decision to move back close to our families in Northeast Ohio.  It is saddening to us to leave behind friendships we have formed, careers we have seen grow, and roots that we are forced to pull up.  However, we are excited for God’s next chapter in our lives.

FAITH is the value our family has never lost sight of.  We have always trusted the Lord to guide us, direct us, and “make our paths straight”.  Mallory and I ask that in addition to your prayers for our transition that you continue to support EyeXcel as a local business and trust them with your eye care.

Our staff will ensure that your care is transferred to the doctor that best suits your individual needs, and I am confident in the team at EyeXcel to continue your great care.  To help ease the transition for you, we have also included a list of common eye conditions and which doctor(s) would be best suited to continue your care.

I have been blessed to see so many of your children grow over the last five years and I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each patient I have had the pleasure of serving.

Thank You & God Bless,
Dr. CDr Carusone Family


Your Eye Condition(s) Doctor Recommended
Pediatric Eye Exams (Age Birth – 12)
Vision Therapy or Binocular Vision Disorders
Sports Vision Training
Lazy Eye or Amblyopia
Prism Correction or Double Vision
Myopia Management
Dr. Shane Mulvihill
Low Vision Exams
Neuro Rehabilitation (Strokes, TBI, Concussion)
Geriatrics and Age-Related Eye Disease
Macular Degeneration
Dr. Bruce Gilliland
Diabetic Eye Exams
Dry Eyes or Allergies
iLux or Advanced Dry Eye Therapies
Red, Watery or Irritated Eyes
Specialty Contact Lenses (Rigid, Scleral, High Astigmatism)
Dr. Heather West
Yearly Comprehensive Vision Exams
Standard Glasses or Contact Lenses
LASIK Consultations
Cataract Post-Operative Visits
Glaucoma Management
Emergency Visits
Any of Our Great Doctors