What’s All The Fuss About Prism? All eye doctors (optometrists and ophthalmologists) use different types of lenses to improve your eye sight and vision. Regardless if you are near-sighted (myopia), far-sighted (hyperopia), or have astigmatism…You may need lenses to bend light differently to sharpen your focus! However, sometimes the brain’s inability to use both eyes […]

Pediatric eye exams are some of our favorites at EyeXcel! When your child returns to school, be on the look-out for complaints of blurry vision, double vision, headaches or eye strain.  These can be an early sign of vision problems and can easily be helped with glasses, contacts, or vision therapy.  Read on to find […]

When asked this questions, many people choose an answer based on personal experience from family or friends who have lost use of one sense or the other.  From my 23+ year experience working with patients with severe visual loss, most wish for hearing loss over their vision loss.  Again, personal experience is the driver of […]

Red, irritated, swollen, aching eyes can occur at any time of day or night. Infections, viruses, allergies, foreign substances, injuries and yes, even dry eye can be the cause. But when these events happen, who and where do you turn? Recently, a patient found her way to our office after having been seen by a […]

When patients come to see us at EyeXcel, or they see our website or Facebook page, the following question is a reoccurring theme.  “What is Vision Therapy?” …and even more so, “Can vision therapy help me (or my child) see?” As for the answer to the first question, optometric vision therapy is a progressive program […]

During the last four years as an optometry student at Southern College of Optometry, and as an extern in a few of the greatest eye care facilities in Tennessee, I’ve seen and heard many different takes on the word “vision”. Most people will say something like “it’s everything you can see”, or “it’s the ability […]