eyeball with dandelion

It’s that time of year again…ALLERGY season!!

Sneezing. Stuffy, runny nose.  Headache. Watery, itchy eyes.  It’s not a cold, the flu, or strep throat.  It’s ALLERGIES!  All around East Tennessee from late February through June, most people can be seen or heard suffering from seasonal allergies.  Most allergies are related to the blooming trees then grasses and weeds that grow all around us.  The valley terrain in our region makes this a perfect storm for allergy sufferers.

If year after year you are one of the thousands of people who suffer from seasonal allergies in spring and fall, don’t let another year go by suffering all those symptoms written above. When the eyes get involved, itchy, red, and swollen we not only feel bad but look worse.  These days, modern allergy therapies can make a significant improvement in your symptoms and help you enjoy life indoors or out.

Doctors at EyeXcel look at the whole eye and the whole person when diagnosing allergic eye disease.  Allergy can cause itching of the eye and eyelids, redness and swelling of the delicate tissues around the eye; and create possibilities for further inflammation within the eye.  Several prescription medications including both oral and topical eye drop antihistamines can make the eye not only feel better but look better over the course of allergy season.  Instead of going over the counter to find what’s “on the shelf”, let the doctors at EyeXcel help find the best solutions to your itchies and scratchies this allergy season!