General Optometry

THE REFRACTORDrs. Rhyne, Patton & Gilliland is proud to be a full-service & specialty eye care practice. All of our doctors have years of experience and are very talented in the optometry profession. Whether you are coming to us for your annual eye exam, are facing a more serious disease or the weekend got a little crazy and there was an accident involving the eye, we can help.

General optometry is more than just getting a prescription for glasses or contacts. We do many specialty contacts, treat dry-eye syndrome and perform post-operative care and diabetic eye exams. We also see countless patients for everyday eye injuries resulting in many problems, such as:

    • Taking a ball to the head during the ballgame or practice
    • The birthday pinata festivities getting a little crazy
    • Stabbing yourself in the eye with a hanger as you get the sweater off the rack
    • Hitting a sidewalk sign head first because you were texting while walking
    • Getting metal in the eye from welding or grinding
    • Getting a sliver of wood in the eye from sanding or general woodworking

This list could be endless, but when life happens and things don’t go as planned, we are here to help. If you suspect something is not right or you have an ocular disease in your family history, come see us and let us serve all your eye care needs.

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Binocular Dysfunction

binocular dysfuntionOur doctors and staff are extremely blessed to be able to help our patients when their eyes are just not working as they should. Do you see double or see things distorted? Do you regularly walk into doorframes or have trouble keeping your place as you read? Is your child extremely smart but still struggling in school and with homework?

Many kids and adults are diagnosed with dyslexia, or have been to physical therapy and still have trouble walking straight. We have seen countless patients who have balance issues and have had hearing therapy and are still having problems. Have you had a stroke or been in a car accident?

Many of the problems that we face are due to the brain not processing correctly, or senses fighting each other. This is similar to motion sickness. One sense says we are sitting still while the other sense says we are in motion. When our senses don’t agree, the sickness occurs. Our vision is our most dominant sense and many other problems manifest themselves when our brain is not in agreement with the information being sent from the eyes.

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Low Vision

Magnifying glass over a newspaper classified sectionUnfortunately there are some of us that have sight that has or is deteriorating. This is definitely life-changing for anyone in this situation, but fortunately there are ways to help. We can help navigate and define a plan to deal with whatever condition or disease you or your loved one is facing.

Have you lost detail in your vision or are colors fading? Does your vision look different or have you noticed you are losing your peripheral vision?

There are many ways to deal with these conditions, such as:

      • Specialized optical and low vision devices
      • Specific methods of completing certain tasks
      • Conventional glasses or specialized lenses
      • Vision therapy or vision rehabilitation
      • Ocular surgeries

No matter the problem, we are happy to help you or your loved one.

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